Chimes on Video Elite


The “Chime” sound suddenly stopped “chiming” after 6 months. We have our Ring Video Doorbell Elite, installed by our builder, hooked up to Ethernet.

* any suggestions to get it working again?

Thank you

Hi @KevinandCathy. Are you referencing sounds coming from a Chime or Chime Pro, alerts on your phone (push notifications when motion is detected and/or ring alerts), or sound coming from the Doorbell itself?

The door bell rings, the camera works, everything works fine, EXCEPT, there is no chime through the house or on our phones. It was working Saturday, and not working since Sunday am

@KevinandCathy Do you use an internal chime kit in your home, or are you referencing the ringing through the Ring Chimes you may have in your home? Please let me know what chime kit you have, or if it’s the Ring Chime, if it’s a Chime or Chime Pro (1st or 2nd Gen). In addition, does the device show as online in the app? Under Device Health, what is your RSSI and does it show it’s hardwired?