Chimes keep going offline

I have 2 x Chime 2 and they keep going offline. I’ve tried resetting them and the problem just persists. How can I sort this out? They currently don’t stay online for more than 24 hours.

Hi @user32434. After resetting your Chimes and setting them back up in the Ring app, check what the RSSi is on the Device Health page. If the RSSI is on the high end, this could be why the Chimes are frequently disconnecting from the wifi. You can learn more about signal strength in this Help Center article.

One of the chimes is 32 and the other 40. What’s considered high?

Since my original post the doorbell has also started disconnecting as well.

Once they disconnect they never try to reconnect. Why is this? It seems like a fundamental flaw.

Hi @user32434. Your RSSI is in a good range. Does your router have a WiFi network that automatically switches from 2.4 to 5 GHz? If so, try connecting it to a dedicated 2.4GHz network to see if this improves connectivity.