ChimePro for outdoors

I have hurricane windows and need to use a chime pro outdoors to boost signal stregnth fo a floodlight camera. Wifi is weaker going through this type of window glass. The casing for the Chime Pro is plastic and not made for outside elements. It would be great if Ring would offer an outdoor version of Chime pro with the same shell as the outdoor cameras.

Hi @Ringo1, thank you for your feedback! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team. In the meanwhile, if you already have a Chime Pro, I suggest putting this in an outlet that may be on the other side of where the Floodlight Cam is, as it would only need to go through one wall to the outside. You can learn more about this in our Community post here.

Additionally, it may also be worth looking into getting a Eero system instead, as this helps boost your home wifi. Hope this helps!