I have the chime with two antennas on it. does anyone know if the new chimes work better, I am having issues with mine.

Thank You

Hey @zz1. What issues are you having with your current Chime Pro? The new Chime Pro does have dual band network capabilities, so it goes help with routers that also support both networks, to ensure it’s always staying connected with the best network strength available.

a lot of times it wont open in live and when it does, it takes for ever. it use to be quick.

@zz1 So if your router has a 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz network, the new Chime Pro may be a good switch, as it has dual band switching, which also your Ring device to connect to that Chime Pro that is actively looking for the best network for a stable connection. Since most of our Ring devices use 2.4 Ghz only, this is a great addition when it comes to your device having slow connections. In addition, you can check the RSSI for your Ring device and learn more about what it means here, as this may help explain what you’re running into. Lastly, have you heard of the Rapid Ring app? It’s used to help the devices connect quickly to the Live View, and worth a shot to see if you like this for loading your Live View!

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Thank You!

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