Chime support for Intercom

We have a door bell and intercom installed and for the chime to be really useful it needs to support the intercom. Otherwise you need the phone near to notice the intercom rings (we have a two floor flat so we’d love to use multiple chimes - especially near the terrace door), which is a shame. If this was ever implemented we’d consider getting more chimes but for now it’s a bit of a dumb device for us.

I would like to use the chime when my children are asleep. During this time a need to disable my preinstalled bell as it wakes them up. It would be great to have a chime react on the intercom in another room.

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Add an option to ring the Ring Chime device when someone rings through the Ring Intercom.

I have my Intercom headset basically right at my front door, and I have chime devices in multiple rooms, I think this feature would be quite useful, currently Ring Intercom only sends notification to my mobile device and web, but there is no option to sen event to Ring Chime.

It would be super helpful to connect a Chime with an Intercom. The fact that I can link the video doorbell but not the chime is illogical. I would rather want to get notified if someone rang my standard doorbell via chimes than only get notified via the app that someone just rang my standard doorbell, but then have the option to see them on the video doorbell. This way, I could replace the video doorbell with a video-only device and would not have two doorbells anymore, which is confusing in itself.

i can only second the request to be able to let chime ring on intercom ringing.
its nice to have the app ring, but sometimes using a “physical” doorbell is nicer :slight_smile: