Chime should ring for doorbell press as long as wifi/router is active, even if ISP/Ring Server is down

Hi, I’ve seen a similar issue posted, and bumped it, but I wanted to clearly distill the issue that bothers me the most:
If the wifi/router that both Doorbell and Chime are connected to is functioning, it would be great if the Chime would ring for a Doorbell button press, even if no internet service is available (or Ring-side server issues are occurring).
Two devices on the same wifi network do not need an internet connection to “talk” to each other! I was shocked and mystified to find out that this functionality does not exist!
Please fix this, Ring!!!

I think that is a very urgent requirement! If I had known beforehand that an ISP connection is required to trigger the Ring Chime, I probably would have stayed away from the Ring Video Doorbell. Especially since hardwiring with existing non-ring chimes as fallback is not provided/possible in Europe.

Please make sure that a Ring Chime rings via local Wi-Fi even if the ISP connection is down. How else should e.g. the provider service technician ring when he comes to repair the ISP connection?

For the past couple of months the chime doesn’t sound most of the time when the door bell is pressed even when the internet connection is working fine!

Do you have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2? Because there is this thread, which could fit to your problem, so please vote/comment there. Including a possible workaround where I would be interested to know if it also helps you that the ringing at least first works again.

The problem from this thread here but does not solve: if your ISP is down, the Ring Chime does not ring. Still unbelievable to me, how this ever could be designed like that…

Apologies, yes i am aware of the other threads regarding this issue.

I have a Pro 1, but this is also affected.

I was just pointing out that, although your request is a great one and would improve the relabilty of the Ring system as a door bell dramatically, they have been unable to fix making the chimes sound relabilty when everything ISP related is working ok for months now, so good luck with getting them to successfully implement this request. :wink:

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There could be a fix now, see Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd (thread #2) - #23 by redundancy