Chime should chime to a doorbell immediately even if there's a delay in receiving notifications

Today there’s an issue with Ring systems - ‘delays in receiving notifications and video recording availablity’. That’s understood, but the fact that my chime that’s connected to a battery powered Doorbell2 doesn’t ring when the doorbell is pressed is a fundamental design flaw.

  • Yes, I have chosen to have an internet based doorbell, but i don’t understand why when my home internet is working fine, when someone presses my doorbell, it has to rely on the ring servers/systems to notify my chime system. (Today someone pressed my doorbell at 3pm, no chime. 5 hrs later it went off - when todays ‘issue’ caught up sending the notification to my chime).

I have a chime to purposely inform the household of someone at the door - just like a traditional door bell. I don’t see why we have to rely on the ring server notification system to be up and running properly to make it chime.




+3 - If the Doorbell and Chime are both on the same local network the doorbell should be able to learn the local IP address of the chime and communicate directly regardless of the status of Ring’s servers (or even if the internet connection is down completely)

A cheap battery powered wifi doorbell does this - so it seems a fundamental feature of a doorbell!

I would like to add that for hardwired Ring Doorbells, the chime that the Ring Doorbell is connected to should ring immediately and every time the doorbell button is pressed. This is basic functionality which is lacking at the moment. It’s laughable!

+1 for the immediate and every time ring after a doorbell press. Now my ring detects motion the chime for motion rings, but if somebody presses the doorbell button at about the same time - the chime doesn’t play the doorbell ring alert. We don’t always respond to motion alerts, but we’d love to have both alerts be played via the chime.