Chime ring tone

This is frustrating, the only reason I purchased a ring chime tone to be able to change tones on my doorbell ring and after trying resetting, reinstalling app etc etc they won’t change! After reading here it seem that doesn’t work!! I don’t see any results saying int worked when people tried!!

Hey @MegRolfes! You should certainly be able to change your Chime tones in the Ring app. In the Ring app, please tap the main menu (top left), select “devices”, select your Chime device, and then select it’s Alert settings. In the Alert settings you should see “Chime Tones” which will allow you to change the tones for both motion alerts and Ring alerts, coming through your Chime speakers. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I did all that already, nothing changes!! ?

Another Ring moderator posted this today saying it’s being worked on.
See their post here. Might have to scroll down a few posts…