Chime pro wont reconnect after offline

My chime pro and doorbell 2 stopped working some days ago. I have managed to reconnect and get the doorbell working but the chime PRO wont connect to my wifi no matter what i do. The wifi is 100% in the area and i have tried everything from restarting router to resetting the chime PRO and disconnect it from outlet, Held button for 5 sec (one option) and 15 sec (other option)… everything but it wont connect on the last part = wifi…. I really Need help

I have 3 wifi (default, children and guest) and it can connect to the childrens wifi but not the default as usual and the one it been connected to for over a year? All same settings on all those wifi’s only diff passwords.

I use WPA-2 and UBIQUITI DreamMachine as router and AP’s to extend wifi.

Hi @PradaKirk. Are your wifi networks 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz? You might want to try creating a new wifi network and seeing if the Chime Pro can be connected to the new network, to help narrow down what the problem might be. I’d also suggest making sure it’s a 2.4GHz network, which has a farther stable reach than 5.0GHz networks. If it connects to that network just fine, then you might want to try changing the password on your default wifi network to see if you can get the Chime Pro connected to it then.