Chime pro won’t ring after being connected to doorbell

Hi, I cannot get my chime pro to ring for the front doorbell even though when I set the doorbell up, it says it is connected to the chime pro. Any suggestions on what I should do

Hi @Jeffkrista80. In the Ring app, tap the menu in the top left and select Devices, then choose your Chime Pro. Tap on the Audio Settings > Chime Alerts and ensure you have your Chime Pro set to alert you when there is motion or when someone rings the Doorbell. Then go back to the previous page and select Chime Tones to change the tone for a motion or ding event. I hope this helps!

Well can’t thank you enough that was the problem your the best have a great weekend

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@Jeffkrista80 I’m glad to hear that resolved the issue! :slight_smile:

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