Chime Pro will not connect to router

I tried to set up the ChimePro in the hall, about equidistant from the front door and the router in the room above. It will not connect to the BT Home Hub 6 router.

I then moved the ChimePro upstairs and placed it 18 inches from my router. It connects to the app but not to the router because of poor WiFi signal!!!

As the Doorbell3 will connect to the app and the router I do not see why the ChimePro fails to connect to the router whenthey are almost touching.

Is it faulty? If so is there any way I can find out?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

I tried setting up again with the ChimePro one inch from the router and still get this silly message that the WiFi connection is poor!!! Ridiculous.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @viv1. The Chime Pro should certainly be connecting to your network if it is succeeding at the step for connecting to the Ring setup network. On the last step of connecting to your home network, please select the add hidden network option towards the bottom of the available networks list. This will allow you to manually enter your network information and might help with setup.

While the Ring app is indicating poor resources, being close to the router is that last place this should happen. Try resetting the Chime Pro by holding the setup button for 15 seconds. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app can also help. If this concern persists, check out our ports and protocols help center article, to see if it applies to your network. Feel free to update us on the results! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I bought a WiFi extender and that solved my problem.

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