Chime Pro Wi-Fi extender

Hi there,
I bought a chime pro for two reasons
One to get chimes inside my home from the door bell
Two to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal to my camera

The chimes work fine with the door bell, however I cannot get the chime pro to connect to my camera or vice versa.
Basically my camera is still connected to my house Wi-Fi as opposed to the chime pro Wi-Fi extender.

Any suggestions?

I rang Ring help and they could not help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Roman10. The ideal placement for the Chime Pro is at about a halfway point between your wifi router and your Ring Camera. You can run the Chime Pro Placement Test to find the best spot to place your Chime Pro. To connect your Camera to your Chime Pro, I’d recommend performing a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. When choosing the network for your Camera, you should have an option to select the Chime Pro Network. I hope this helps!

Thanks but I’ve tried this and does not work.