Chime Pro. Which 5GHz channels does it support?


Can anyone tell me which 5GHz channels the Chime Pro supports? My current 5GHz network is set to use channel 56 but the chime pro cannot connect to it.

Hi @JemTheWire. What does the Chime Pro say when you try to connect it? If you could get a screenshot of this page, this would be most helpful! In addition, is this a Chime Pro Gen 1 or Gen 2? Only the Gen 2 can connect to a 5 GHz network. Lastly, how far is the device from the router? You may want to take it further away from the router if you’re too close, as sometimes it needs that distance to be set up successfully.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I seem to have sorted the issue out myself. Kinda strange really. My 5GHz network uses channel 56. Everything connects OK including my new Ring Doorbell 3 and Amazon Echo Dot Clocks. However, the Chime Pro [Generation 2] does not even ‘see’ my network.

When I lowered my 5GHz channel to 48, it did ‘see’ it and has now connected OK.

I find it unusual as according to the manual for the Chime Pro, the frequency that channel 56 uses should be supported. Also perculiar is that the Ring Doorbell 3 CAN connect to channel 56, whereas the Chime Pro [Gen 2] cannot.

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