Chime Pro uploading huge amounts of data

As the title suggests I noticed my Chime Pro was uploading huge amounts of data earlier in the year. I factory reset it, made sure the Chime Pro Network wasn’t active (don’t need it since setting up a mesh network), and logged the following uploads over a week after turning it back on:

I decided not to use it again as I couldn’t reasonably explain why it could possibly be uploading so much data, until we’ve started keeping the house closed up once winter hit here in Aus and turned it back on again to hear the doorbell better. I have to split this post since I can’t embed more than one image as a new user…

Again it was factory reset, needed a firmware update, and a day after it was turned back on, the uploading has returned:

By comparison, this is a standard week of data usage for the doorbell when the Chime Pro was off:

How can a chime possibly upload orders of magnitude more than the doorbell itself?