Chime Pro setup - returning to Amazon

I received the Chime Pro 3 days ago and have tried several times to get it set up. Finally called support and the tech did a great job of walking me through steps that are NOT part of the instructions…anywhere. After hanging up with the tech, I moved ahead to select the chime tone…NOPE. There are three sounds to set in that section, two of which worked but not the chime tone so I couldn’t proceed. When I tried to start over, it was offline. I’m not a tech newbie and can attest that the setup procedures for Chime Pro are poorly written and far too difficult for the typical purchaser. I’m not spending any more time trying to make this work and will be shipping it back to Amazon for a refund.

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Yeah - Unfortunately, Ring has done something that renders these things useless. It’s the Software/Firmware update. If they had just left well enough alone or had an update that actually worked, we’d all be better off - at least those of us with the Chime Pro. Ironically, my original (antique) Chime still works perfectly. My Chime Pros used to work, but that was before they were FORCED into an update when setting up. Now, they are worthless pieces of plastic. I spent over an hour on the phone with Support only to be walked through the setup twice - when I had done that literally over 100 times on my own over the last several years. Sadly, it’s time to move on to a more reliable product. I loved Ring when the devices functioned properly.