Chime Pro security

I am once again concerned about the security of the chime pro. During setup is the network visible on wifi enabled devices or is it only visible to the ring device in the app during setup? During setup is it vulnerable that someone can get into my internet? When it is online is the connection from the chime pro to my ring devices visible to anyone? Can someone hack the signal from the chime pro and gain access to my internet. If the chime pro was hacked is there an indication or someplace I could check? Thanks

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is 100% secure. Given enough time and effort anything can be hacked.
That being said, the likelihood of the Chime Pro being hacked is probably low. Your Ring account is likely more of a target then a device on your network. Make sure you are using multifactor authentication. Also, a bigger threat would be someone hacking into your WiFi router/network.

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