Chime pro ok w 1doorbell but not 2

Doorbells worked with chime pro before I moved and only initially in the new house. Now it only works with one. Other doorbell completely works, sends notification to my phone, makes noise, records video etc, but I cannot connect to the chime pro which means if someone uses it we won’t hear in the house. I have tried to reset the doorbell a million times. It asks me to add a new chime pro, which I try because the app says it cannot find a chime pro installed. But other doorbell is connected to chime pro! These doorbells are 10 feet away from each other.

They are on the same Wi-Fi.

Hi @Violetpilot. I would check to see if all of these devices are on the same Location in the Ring. One of them might have accidentally be added to your old address, and that could be causing the issue. This Help Center article here will have more information on Locations in the Ring app. Let me know if this helps!