chime pro not connecting

i have recently bought a netgear orbi mesh network system (1 router, 1 satellite, both rbk50) and now my ring chime pro will not work, i have tried resetting the device but now when i go through the setup the device will not connect to any network, ive tried reconnecting it back to the old network but the app just sits there saying trying to connect to my network.


Hi @EwanMalone. During the setup process for the Chime Pro on either the new network or your old one, does the device connect to the Ring AP “setup network” and then does not connect to your wifi, or are you unable to get the first set done? If you could, please send me a screenshot of the page in the app where you are getting hung up on. In addition, try setting up the device on another phone or tablet with the Ring app, to see if this helps!

No joy.

Tried with 3 devices. App can connect to the device via BT or WiFi, allows me to choose a network but hangs there. Screenshot attached

@EwanMalone Thank you so much for giving that a try! Seems like it’s getting hung up in connecting to your internet. Could you try setting up the Chime Pro closer to your router? In addition, you could try creating a guest network on the router that just communicates on a 2.4 Ghz frequency to see if it may be something with the 5.0 Ghz on your network if you have both. Lastly, you may need to open up the ports and protocols on your router as well, to allow the Ring device to connect.


ok so ive tried the guest network, disabled broadcasting of the 5ghz and no joy. looking through the router logs and the attached devices on it the chime is not actually connecting to the device at all, the doorbell is connected and kinda works but the signal is soo weak its a bit of a nightmare to use, hence i bought the chime pro originally. i havent tried opening the ports as it looks like internet communication isnt the problem since the doorbell kinda works when connected to the weak wifi signal?

@EwanMalone My apologizes that you still cannot get the Chime Pro set up! Could you give our support team a call here on this concern? Let me know what our support team does from here to help get it set up! :slight_smile: