Chime pro not connecting to WiFi

I’ve just bought a doorbell 3 and a chime pro, because I couldn’t connect the original doorbell and original chimes

I spent several hours this afternoon connecting the new bell and chimes.

The chimes failed to connect with a very strong WiFi signal 5 feet away from the router.

The new bell works 15 feet away a smart TV connects to the router OK despite being in another room divided by a brick wall and 20 feet away.

I tried the chime 12 inches from the router. I feel I have wasted my money. How do I get this rubbish to work???

I have to set up a smartphone and tablet to be able to use the doorbell. A sad costly experience

RING - how do I get this to work ???

I want my money back

Hi there, @AllanBiggs! The Chime Pro should set up just as easily as your other Ring devices, especially since the Doorbell is connected and operating. As you mentioned having other mobile devices available, try performing the Chime Pro setup on another mobile device entirely to see if it will complete setup. If not, try performing a reset by holding the Chime Pro setup button for 20 seconds.

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