Chime Pro Network Device Reset Needed After wi-fi Outages

I have 3 Chime-pros. Most of my ring equipment is connected to the chime pro network. Whenever my wi-fi recovers from outages, there are understandable delays in each ring device reestablishing connections to the wi-fi and the chime pro network. My problem is that the ring devices usually reestablish their connections only to the first chime pro that connects to the wi-fi. This results in terrible RSSI signal strength numbers for many of my devices. I don’t always know that this has happened because it could happen during the night when I am sleeping, or when I am away from the house. I only notice this problem when I see poor quality camera videos full of video defects. This is a serious problem because I need reliable videos to record possible property theft, vandalism, break-in attempts, etc. I also need reliable audio in case I need to have an audio conversation with someone at my doorbell or other cameras. When I notice this problem, I have to look at the RSSI signal strength for every one of my ring devices and reboot each one if I see that the RSSI is bad. Only when I reboot each device, do they find the closest chime pro and the RSSI dramatically improves. Could you please update your software to have each ring device reevaluate its connection to the chime pro network to find the closest chime pro, either periodically throughout the day, or after some short period of delay after an outage to allow time for all the chime pros to reconnect to the wi-fi. Thank you.