Chime pro Installation - Tone problem

Installing the chime pro is a pain! :upside_down_face:
Eventually if found my wi-fi after claiming I was using the wrong password and there was no signal!
Anyway, all went well until I tried to change the Chime seyying.
I got “Hmm, something went wrong. Sorry about this, try again”
Every time I try again I get the same message.
Also the Blue light flashes and I have to start all over again!!!
I have another chime Pro but I get the same problem on that!!
Any help will be most appreciated.
The old chimes were great!!

Hi @Henryv. Are you getting this message during the setup process for the Chime Pro? Or is this after the setup has been completed, and you’re trying to change a setting on the Chime Pro? It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot showing what you’re seeing on your end.