Chime Pro Feature Requests

I think a few features could be added to make the Chime Pro better…

• The option to set on/off times for the nightlight so it isn’t either on or off all the time.

• A timer for the nightlight. For example I may want to turn it on for just an hour or two.

• Brightness levels for the nightlight.

• Making the ring and motion snooze independent of one another.

• Making the loudest option even louder. It’s not that loud even turned all the way up. It’s significantly quieter than a traditional doorbell.




Just a quick question to clarify for me, you said, “The option to set on/off times for the nightlight so it isn’t either on or off all the time.”

Are you saying that your Chime Pro, when toggled ON, it stays on “all the time”? It should not. The nightlight should illuminate when the Chime’s photocell-sensor determines there in insufficient surrounding light (generally nighttime). It should be off during the daytime, when there is sufficient surround light. My Chime Pro, when toggled ON, does illuminate at nighttime but then automatically turns off in the daytime.

It is likely that your Chime Pro is just located in a dark area of your home. You can do a test-check, by shining a flashlight directly on your Chime Pro and the nightlight should extinguish.

I do like all your other ideas for improving the Chime Pro. You got my Kudo Thumbs-Up vote! :slight_smile:

All the suggested features need to be implemented. When it’s cloudy during the day, I don’t want my nightlight on all day. Or if the device is in a room that is darker due to trees, I don’t want the nightlight on all day. I shouldn’t have to go into the app to turn the nightlight sensor on and off constantly based on light conditions. Another missing feature would be independent volume on the motion versus ring alerts.

, it is nice you took the time to write you thoughts here and say, _"_All the suggested features need to be implemented." But you should also help get the Ring Team’s attention by taking the extra second to " add your vote" to the Request of @seth . The more" Thumbs Up" that this Feature Request gets, the increased attention this will get. Please go up to the beginning of this tread and click on the “Thumbs Up” Icon (upper left-corner of the post by @seth ) to help make your voice be heard.

It also sounds like both you and @seth are looking for an additional ‘timer-type’ option that can be utilized to ensure the nightlight feature remains OFF (such as daylight hours, or during certain periods of night). :slight_smile:

I agree with this.

Timer for night light, as mentioned that some houses do have dark areas during the day.

Ability to dim the night light is a good idea as well.

Come on Ring, get these implemented soon.

Agreed on being able to adjust brightness of the nightlight feature.

Agreed on setting timings for when the nightlight should be able to be active.

Also being able to adjust sensitivity on the sensor to control how dark it should be before the nightlight comes on. Philips hue motion sensors do this well via their app.

Agree. I have the Chime Pro in a fairly well lit area and the nightlight still turns on. A sensitivity adjustment is very much needed. I also agree on a scheduler. Obvious inherent features that should have been in place before released.

Ring, please implement.