Chime Pro fast blinking light

What does a fast blinking light (about 2 times per second) mean on the Chime Pro? Nothing seems to be wrong with it. It chimes correctly when the doorbell is pressed. The doorbell is not currently connected to the ChimePro network, as my normal wifi connection is strong enough.

Hey @MacAttack. This could mean that the device is simply rebooting, updating its firmware or checking in to make sure it’s online. Do you see this blink all the time, or just occasionally?

It’s been fast blinking for the past serveral days.

@MacAttack Have you tried unplugging/plugging it back in? Does it show as online in your app? Have you tried a reset on the device if the blinking is constant (for more than a few minutes)? The reset will be as follows: while the device is plugged in, press and hold the setup button on the side (if it’s a hole, grab a small pin that fits and press and hold) for 30 seconds.

No, I hadn’t tried any of those. I went to check on it this morning, and it is no longer blinking. I guess it fixed itself!

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