Chime Pro connect to Ring Security Base Station

Don’t know if i don’t understand enough or not, but i know there are “unknown” antenna on the Security Base station. My dream would be that one of these would be a wifi router. I say this because the security system can connect to data if i lose my internet at home, and it already has battery backup. Add in the chimes which distrubute the wifi signal to the rest of the house and you now have a “mesh” network that has a backup LTE system on it. Make the chimes have battery backup as well (or an aftermarket device they could plug in to) and you would not only provide backup for emergencies, but you would also make your entire security system work better from remote. If i’ve missed something and you CAN somehow access your wifi cameras even if your internet is dead, i’d love to be shown/corrected on this.

If this isn’t a feature, i would very willingly buy a GEN 2 base station with this kind of feature added to it.

Would love to hear back about the viability of this kind of feature. My family lives in an area without internet and it would be nice if they could use ring cameras, hooked into thr ring security system, so that they could access the cameras at all time. Also great for a remote cabin need