Chime Pro and Video Doorbell Needing help

I ordered the Chime Pro for 2 reasons. One to amp up my wifi to the video doorbell as it was taking a long time to activate the device on my phone and everthing I read said I might need the Chime Pro to boost the wifi signal. Second, I wanted to hear a door bell inside if someone was at the door and my phone was not right near me. The door bell takes a full 45-60 seconds or more to ring inside once someone pushes it outside.

I am becoming very frustruted with this product as nothing is working as advertised. The doorbell freezes/fogs over no matter what I do to it, it does not activate in a timely fashion and the Chime Pro is not working the way I would have expected it to work.

It takes so long to activate that I often do not get a picture of what is happening outside until at least 10 seconds after motion is started.

Beginning to wish I could return everything (including the wedges I bought) but I am not sure how long they are warranted for in order to return.