Chime Pro alert on sensor event?

Can Ring Pros also make audible alerts for sensor events (doors / windows opening)? Currently they only have audible events for camera motion detection - can’t find an option for them to also work during other sensor events (my Ring Base Station, which makes alerts during sensor events, can’t be in a location where it’s easily heard).

Hey @hgpilot. The Chime Pro can only play alert sounds from Cameras or Doorbells at this time, but I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team! Additionally, the Ring Alarm Keypad does make chirp sounds as well. You can turn this on under your Keypad’s device profile page and turn on the toggle for Play Chirps. This will help you hear the sound your Base Station normally makes from something being open/closed, but from your Keypad! This is great so you can hear these tones from another area of the house.

Also, the Keypad has a built in siren and panic button feature, so it’s great to have next to your bedside to hear chirps, sirens, or send out a panic signal. You won’t have to turn any settings on for the siren, but for it to send a panic signal, you will need to just press and hold the X and the check button whenever you are in need of emergency services, and have an active Protect Plus Plan.

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