Chime Pro (2nd Generation)-Connects but weak signal

Reading people with similar issues but from over a year ago, hoping something has been done to correct.

I am on my second Chime Pro after calling technical support and them telling me it was a faulty first unit. I have an eero 6 network, 3 other ring devices (4 including a bridge), and every time I go to set up the new Chime Pro it tells me “connected but weak signal move closer to router”. It’s 2 ft from the main router. It has to be something with the eero network or the 2.4 ghz/5 ghz switching. Does anyone have an answer or do I just need to give up?

Hi @user30511. What is the RSSI for the Chime Pro (located in the Device Health menu of the Ring app). Are there any other electronic devices plugged in by the area where the Chime Pro is Located? If so, try to isolate the Chime Pro as other devices may be causing interference. Do you get this same error if you move the Chime Pro? I would definitely try connecting the Chime Pro to a dedicated 2.4GHz network, as the 2.4GHz band is more consistent and reliable. Also, since you already have an Eero system, you could add a Eero Beacon to improve dead zones in your WiFi. Let me know if this helps.