Chime Pro 2 is connected to WiFi and linked but it’s not ringing

Hi - I’ve got a Ring Doorbell 3 (battery) and have now connected a Ring Chime Pro (Gen 2) - set up of Chime is complete, the blue light is solid, it’s linked in the Ring App to my doorbell, the volume of my Chime is set to high, WiFi is connected, tested sound of Chime from the App - all good … but the Chime Pro is not ringing when I press the doorbell. I’ve reset Chime Pro …still nothing. I’ve checked the notifications tab in my iPhone and reset my phone…still nothing. Help please!

Hi @Snizzlewizzle. To get alerts from your Chime, follow the steps listed in this Help Center article here. This will ensure your Ring devices are connected to your Chime.

Thanks - I ended up fixing the issue. I had to take my Ring Doorbell off the front door, bring it close to my router and Chime Pro and then reconnected the Doorbell to my wifi network. Also battery level was low (41%) - so i recharged it. Not sure which of those caused the original connection to not work but now Doorbell and Chime Pro are properly synced and working.

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