Chime Pro 2 (2nd generation) only singnals about half of the time when doorbel button is pressed

Hi All,

I recently bought a wired Doorbell Pro 2 with a Chime Pro 2 (2nd generation). The Chime is showing a constant blue light and in the Ring-app it shows online with a stromg signal (placed like 2 meters away from my router). The Chime is only working (playing a sound) about half of the time that someone is using the doorbell. The Doorbell Pro 2 seems to be working well because in the history of the Ring-app I see it records movement detection.

I used the reset button on the Chime a couple of times to reconnect it to my WIFI network and also tried different locations for placement of the Chime but all the same storry. Signal is good, device is online but not always working.

Any advise on what else I can try? I’m at the point of sending it back :frowning:

Thaks in advance,


Hi @Alex78. Do you have your Chime Pro set to play an audible alert for motion detection and when someone rings the Doorbell? Or is it only set to play an alert when someone rings the Doorbell? If you have the Chime Pro set to alert you for both motion detection and the Doorbell ring, these events can occur so closely together that the Chime doesn’t play an alert for both.

If you only have it set to play an alert when the Doorbell rings, the Chime Pro should ring with each registered press of the Doorbell. A troubleshooting step you can try if the Chime Pro isn’t doing this is to reset it by holding down the reset button on the side. After the reset is complete, set the Chime back up in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: