Chime Pro (1st Gen) doesn't make sound at midnight

I have 2x Spotlight cam that connects to 2x Chime Pro but I forgot since when but from midnight till morning, when Spotlight cam detect motion, my phone receive notification but both 2x Chime Pro do not make sound. (during the day it make sound) I checked all settings on app but I could not figure it out.
Cam: there is no device schedules, no snooze
Chime: no snooze

I spoke to Tech guy but he just asked me to do factory reset for both Chime Pro and monitor if it is still same or not.

If one chime does not work and I can understand but both are suddenly don’t make sound from midnight till morning.

Anyone had same issue? Any advise? If I can fix it rather than factory rest that would be great.


Hi @MHUK. What is the RSSI for the Chime? Have you confirmed that it is online during this time? With some routers/internet service providers, they do routine maintenance on your network every night. If this is the case, your chime could be falling offline during this time and then reconnecting once your network is back up.

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@Tom_Ring Apologies for late reply. RSSI is 69. This happens only for Spotlight cam. I have stick Up Cam in the living room and if it is detect motion midnight or early morning, Chime Pro make sounds.
This happens only between Chime Pro and Spotlight cam.