Chime Pro 1st gen and Chime no sound when doorbell pressed

Yes seems a few others had the same also. Shame updates weren’t as forthcoming via email as the mechanism is clearly there

I will check tomorrow. Really hope it’s fixed.

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Ive had this issue since January 2023…

They keep telling me its ontheire end.

Got email today 22 march 2023 saying they fixed it…

I will test door bell when i get home

I will try wehn i get home

i dont use alexa but yes the main fuction of droobell wasnt working i have yet to test mine…

i wouldnt wait 1 minute outside my door… the deliveries i get the drivers just throw it at door and run away no patients nor do they wait for me to open door…

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I have a Ring Doorbell with wired power. Wi-Fi connectivity is RSSI-48.

It is connected to three chimes, each with good wi-fi connectivity.

When I press the doorbell button, it makes a sound outside, but 50% of the time it does not ring the chimes inside.

I am not sure how to debug this. Any suggestions?


This happen to me too, it becomes a problem since last year

It seems to be working again, but will keep an eye over the next few days.

Disappointing that the moderators haven’t taken the time to respond or post an update though. That has certainly been apparent.

hi there since january my chime dosent ring when the door bell is pressed?

i get bothe notifications on my phone and the door bell rings just inside the chime doesnt sound

i have rang customer service they replaced unit howver have the came issue,
even after the 4 or 5th call to ring they told me they had issues on there technicall side.

they have emailed me saying they have fixed issue and have done 2 updates to the app

so… now
1st day the chime rang after 2mins of bell being pressed…

3rd day
the chime does ring when the doorbell is pressed.

i have ring pro and chime and chime pro

so hopefully after nearly 3 months i can hear whos at door. hopefully they dont mess it up again

As others have said it appears the chime is working again. @Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring can we raise the issue of the Alexa integration not working consistently to your tech team? The issues are definitely linked as they started at the same time (I only set my chime up because the Alexa integration broke), and when the chime was broken either the chime and all Alexa’s would go off, or none of them would, it would never happen where the chime went off but Alexa’s didn’t or vice versa. Others have mentioned this still being an issue since the chime fix, so would it be possible to get this fixed?

Hey neighbors, I wanted to share an update that our team pushed a back end fix that should resolve this concern. If you’re still experiencing issues with the Chime not playing an alert when someone rings your Doorbell, or you have a different concern with your Chime, please follow up with our support team. This is the best way to get any necessary troubleshooting information to the right teams so they can look into any lingering issues.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Thanks for your reply, I was really hoping that Ring would have learnt from this unacceptable debacle that took around 3 months for a “backend fix” to eventually be pushed out, all without Ring actually publicly admitting there was a problem until a fix was finally released!!!

Although the Alexa not anouncing the doorbell is not strictly the issue that was first reported on this thread, it has simular characteristics, is again WIDESPREAD, i suspect linked and has been happening for many month’s.

So, do you once again require 1000’s off your customers to ring your support to waste more of thier time going though more pointless process’s before you will also accept and look into this issue as well???

I replied to the email sent to me, which anounced this fix, stating that the Alexa doorbell press announcements were still not working, as it stated to reply if there was any more problems…to date I havnt recived a reply.

For once, test the problem yourselves and just admit that you are aware if it and are working on it and save 1000’s of your customers more protracted pain and wasted time in trying to get this widespread issue reported and fixed as well!!!

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Hi @Caitlyn_Ring,

I tried replying to the email I received about the chime being fixed but got a reply that the email is no longer active and to contact web chat support. I contacted web chat support but they said they couldn’t help over web chat and to call support instead. I called support and they said they couldn’t do anything and to contact amazon. Amazon said the issue was definitely on rings side as when the issue occurs all 4 of my devices (3 echos all different models, and fire tv) don’t go off its not like its a connection issue with a single device or something similar. So I appear to have hit a wall with where to go to get this fixed.

Could you please advise on the next steps I can take to get this resolved? It seems like others in this thread are having the exact same issue. It also appears the issues with Alexa and with the chime are linked because:

  • The issues with Alexa started at the exact same time as the chime issues

  • Before the chime fix a few days ago all of the Alexa’s always went off when the chime did, and if the chime failed to go off so did the Alexa’s

To me it seems pretty clear to me that the issues are linked. Can you get someone to look into this? As until another backend fix is pushed to address the Alexa issues I don’t think there is anything that customers or L1 support (at ring or amazon) will be able to do to fix this issue.

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Hi user21614

I just knew Ring would blame this problem onto the Amazon device!!!

Totally agree with what you say about the issues being linked, further more the Echos are behaving EXSACLY THE SAME as the chimes were before Ring fixed the issue with them.

Ie, if the Ring is recording motion for a period of approx 20 seconds or more the Echo will not anounce the doorbell press.

If the button is pressed with no motion detection (or a few seconds after motion dectection) it works.

This is obviously nothing to do with the Echos but a problem with the signal from Ring to the Echos under those specific conditions, just like it was with the problem with the Chimes!!!

Seeing how pathetically Ring dealt with a problem that was all thier product, I, unfortunately, dont hold out much hope of them ever fixing this, let along accepting its their problem.

Come on Ring, prove me wrong and post on this thread that you are investigating this issue!!!

Clearly nothing has been learnt in terms of customer service here by ring

Moderator might as well have replied with
“not my problem, guv”

It’s astonishing how little respect and care you have for customers.

Ring would do well to realise that they just send customers on a wild goose chase

  • ring support, support don’t have a clue what they are doing
  • reply to the email, replies don’t work.
  • tell you to contact Amazon, Amazon say contact ring

You’re the same bloody company
Learn to talk to one another!!

I’d like to see a public root cause analysis / major incident report released on this.
Moderators, can you speak to the product owner internally and request this please.
Until we see this, and have Alexa working, it is not a solution - so stop trying to mark it as one.

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I am seeing the same issue for over 6 months. They have increased the prices and I am now paying £69.98 for 2 products (doorbell and floodlight camera) and the Doorbell can’t do it’s basic job.

I have missed so many parcels and today, the delivery driver dropped an expensive bottle of perfume at the garage from 7 feet which broke the parcel. Just because when he pressed the bell, we never heard any Ring on any of the Chimes, and the guy was so impatient and dropped the parcel from a height of 7 feet at the rear of the property. This is frustrating and only happened because of an expensive but very unreliable doorbell.

I have had enough and not looking to renew my subscription after my current subscription expires.

I am considering a doorbell from other vendors.

If you are still having a problem with the chimes not sounding then I would telephone support for this as on mine, faimly and friends pro and pro 2’s the update by Ring has sorted this problem on all of them, so yours may be a different issue?

The problem myself and others still have is Alexa devices not anouncing the doorbell press when motion is being recorded (which again has been not working for many months now)

Same issue here. Half hour on phone to ring gets it working. Next day it’s stopped again. To be honest the system is a waste of time. My phone notifications are at least 5 minutes behind so basically my bell is useless.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Just wondering if you or any of your team could provide any update/guidance on the Alexa issue. As mentioned before the issues started at the same time and appear linked. Several of us here are still having the same issues, and are being passed between ring and amazon support with no resolution. Could you advise what we should do? @Tom_Ring are you able to assist us with this?