Chime Pro 1st gen and Chime no sound when doorbell pressed

Hi @Big_T. Is your Chime falling offline? Is it connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? Does this network switch between the two WiFi bands? Thanks for this information.

It is not falling offline. my network does switch between the 2 bands. Nothing has changed in my settings. its just started happenning for the past 2 weeks

I’m having the exact issue. Pro Chime doesn’t work inside. Bell rings outside. Any suggestions?

Hey neighbors, you can try resetting your Chime by holding down the reset button on the side for about 15 seconds. Then set the Chime back up in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Link it back up with your Ring Doorbell, and test out the alerts. If the Chime is still not alerting when someone rings the Doorbell, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have found my solution to the issue.
For me it was the Ring Skill for Alexa.
I disabled the skill in the Alexa App and Rebooted my chime.
Now when the doorbell is pressed it works everytime

I’m having this problem too. Have removed all the devices (Doorbell Pro Wired, Spotlight Cam Battery + 2x Linked Chimes) added them back…reset all the settings…and the Doorbell rings outside, notifies smart watches and phones…but doesn’t ring on any of the chimes. Very frustrating.

Do you use and Alexa?
If you have the Ring Skill enabled try disabeling it.
I disabled mine and rebooted my chimes and have not had any issues since
my chimes play everytime the doorbell is pressed.
I thing the Ring Skill for Alexa needs updating

Ah very interesting. Yes…Alexa skill used to work previously without an issue…but…now doesn’t work at all. (And no notifications come through my Echo Dot anymore either.)

Will give that a try later on…thank you. :+1:

By way of an update…I disabled the Alexa Skill…and all the Chimes functioned as normal.

I re-enabled the skill…and the problem returned. Definitely an issue with Alexa here. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey neighbors, thanks for your continued feedback with this concern. I’ve moved some of your replies over to this thread to try and keep all of the feedback in one place. I have forwarded these callouts to the appropriate team. In the meantime, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a closer look at this. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

This reply will be marked as the solution for now so neighbors can easily locate the most relevant information. Once we have any updates to share, we’ll be sure to do so in this thread. Thank you!

Hey Caitlyn,

Sounds like these guys are experiencing the same issue I have here Echo device announcements only work some of the time - #5 by user21614

Would it be possible to be added to the thread you referred to? That way I can keep up to date with when this issue is fixed?

@user21614 This is the thread that I moved some related posts into, which were all concerning a Chime or Chime Pro not always playing an audible alert. I don’t have any additional information to share at this time. I’ve let my teams know the feedback you all have shared here so they can take the Ring and Alexa integration into consideration.

I just want to add to this to push for a fix ASAP and keep this thread active. I have had this exact problem for around the same time as everyone else. Prior to that, we have had no problems with our Ring doorbell pro for the last 2 years. So far, after many calls to customer services, you have sent out a new Pro Chime, and a new Ring doorbell pro 2 - Free of charge. Still the same problem, so Ring could be sending thousands of pounds of equipment that’s not even needed… I have tried literally everything my end. I’ve used a different WiFi network. I have deleted and factory reset all devices. I have even set up a completely new (temporary) account. Also (thanks to Ring) my equipment is brand new - but still our Ring Chime Pro doesn’t always work. We get the notification 100% of the time on our phones. But only about 50% on our Chimes (we have 2). It’s not good enough. The very basic thing a doorbell should do is notify you when you’re in your house. We have had to put a note on our door saying ‘please knock’ when we have a doorbell costing around £200 that doesn’t even ring inside on a plug in Chime. The deleting of Alexa integration seemed to fix it at first. But tonight it’s not working at all - and Alexa has been completely unlinked.
2 weeks ago I thought Ring doorbell was the best product - but now I’m starting to think of another brand of video doorbell and ditch Ring - which would also include our 5 other Ring cameras and canceling the Ring+ storage subscription.
Please show this to someone who is high up in technical support and work on a fix soon!
PS, I also temporarily uninstalled the Ring app and even switched my phone off, to see if it was the app, but it’s still not working.

Hi there,

I have a video doorbell pro 2 and a new chime pro (2nd). Both are configured correctly and are in the same WLAN. When somebody rings, only the doorbell rings, but not the chime.

I can manually trigger ringing in the app. and chime makes a sound. I can test out all ringtones and also play with the volume.

Everything looks good. But when somebody rings outside the door, chime keeps quit.

Also, when somebody rings, I see an notification on my phone.

What can I do?

Hello, over the last couple of days, both our Chimes don’t ring all the time. Probably only about 50% of the time. It rings outside on the door bell button, and also sends a notification to my phone. But our Chimes aren’t ringing. Is this similar for you? I have tried everything I can think of, but it’s still not working! I’m in the UK.

Matthew Long

Known problem but Ring won’t or isn’t able to solve it :grimacing:

Hey neighbors. We’ve brought this to the attention of our team, and rest assured, they are looking into it. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.

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So after removing the Alexa Skill my ring did sound for a while, But now it is back to being silent when the doorbell is pressed. I can hear the sound from the doorbell when it is pressed and i get a notification on my phone. but the Chimes do not sound in the house once again.
Why are we paying for a service that does not work!!!

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I have exactly the same problem. The chime does not sound when the doorbell is pressed but I do receive notifications on my phone.

Both devices are on the 2.4Ghz band and they are not dropping off the network. They are connected at all times. I have logged into the router to check and both devices remain on 2.4Ghz when the problem arises.

Resetting the chime has no impact. The only way to temporarily fix this is to reboot the doorbell. This works for a couple of hours and then it will stop chiming again after.

THREE WEEKS NOW! I have tried literally everything my end, even created a new temporary account and tethered from my phone. Still the same. Ring has sent out £100’s of equipment that I didn’t need… We are all having the same problem. Before 3 weeks ago, our Chime didn’t miss a single bell press in 2 years. Now it’s working less than 50%. We have many more Ring cameras and pay for the Protect plus yearly. Well that’s up next month, and I have ordered a new Google Hello doorbell. Before this, I was very happy with Ring, and would recommend it to anyone. Now it can’t even perform the very basic function of ringing a chime inside - something a basic doorbell can do costing around £10. If this isn’t sorted within a couple of days (when my Google doorbell turns up), then I will cancel everything with Ring and sell off all the equipment. THREE WEEKS without a reliable doorbell isn’t good enough. It’s all very well saying they’re looking into it, but it needs to be sorted - and why does their status page say no reported problems? And 100% up time for the whole of January and February??
If you’re reading this and work for Ring, please pass this info on to the relevant departments. Before I pull the plug on all of it!