Chime Power Failure

I Setup the Ring Chime in one place, then moved it to the final destination. Had to repeat the setup procedure.
So what happens in the event of a power failure? Looks like the Ring Chime will not reset and the unit is disconnected until manually reset. If this is true, this is a major inconvenience!!

Hey @Herwigw. When disconnected from power, the Chime or Chime Pro should turn off and then will soon report as offline in the app. Although, once plugged in fully again and after a few moments, the device should come back online naturally and function as normal. For first-time setups, all our devices need to install the latest firmware and update accordingly. It’s possible that during the setups there wasn’t enough time in between for the device to finish its update, thus leaving you to reset it and restart the process.

If down the line you run into the device not naturally coming online after a power failure, please reach out to our support team here to let them know so they can do more in-depth troubleshooting. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :smiley_cat: