Chime Notifications

Can the 2nd generation Chime or Chime Pro work as a doorbell whilst NOT chiming in response to the motion detection?
Essentially I want the motion notifications to my phone without the doorbell going off all the time… But when the doorbell is pressed I still want it to work.


Hi @Bearjus8. You definitely can! The Chime and Chime Pro allow you to hear motion alerts and/or ding alerts and let you customize this per the Ring device on your Ring app. Under the alerts settings for the Chime or Chime Pro you get, you can turn on if you want sound for motion or ding alerts, and so you can for sure have just those dings sent to the Chime. I personally do the same myself. :slight_smile:

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So I’m guessing you are also able to turn them off if you don’t want it to make a sound from motion activation?

@Bearjus8 Exactly right! You can have a pre-set sound or have that sound be none and off. :slight_smile:

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Do either of the new Gen 2 Chimes notify the same as the alarm keypad? In other words, do either of the chimes “speak” when the alarm is armed/disarmed stating “Armed” - “Disarmed”, etc.?

Hey @DalTxJim. The 2nd Generation of the Chime and Chime Pro are not connected to the Alarm Base Station at this time, and therefore cannot give you alerts on those devices as your Base Station would. We have gotten this feedback from other neighbors, so rest assured our team is aware of this want from our neighbors. :slight_smile: