Chime not working

I unplugged my chime as I had contractor coming and going all day. When I plugged back in the light on the front would not come on. I tried re-connecting to the wi-fi, with no success as the light would not come on. So i removed and tried a set up. Help not sure what to do

If the light does not come on at all (blinking or solid), then the device does not have power. Try a different outlet known to work, could be the breaker? If you still get no light from a known working outlet, then I suspect the device is dead.

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Brad, thanks for the reply. I plugged it into a different outlet and still no success. I left if overnight and this am the light was flashing. But I still could not connect to wi-fi. I have rebooted my router as well. After I unplugged it again the light will not come on. Is there a hard re-boot to the Chime Pro?

I have the Chime, not the Chime Pro. I would call support at this point.

What’s next step