Chime not shown on device list

I’ve tried setting up this 2nd generation chime numerous times and it does say it’s connected, installing firmware update etc. However, the device isn’t showing on the listed devices. Now when I try installing it again its saying its an authorised attempt. I can’t even delete/remove it due the device not being listed… Help

We are here to help, @Wez1! After a first time setup, the device will perform its first update and initializing. During this time there may not be some functionality with the device, but you should see it in your Ring app, at least. Try checking the locations in your Ring app to see if this Chime might have setup under a different location.

If not, the best approach will be restarting. Please remove and reinstall the Ring app, which will ensure it is optimally integrated with your mobile device. Next, reset the Chime by holding it’s setup button for 20 seconds . This should allow you to perform a new setup in the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: