Chime not connecting to wifi

Thanks mhherr! I spent days trying to reconnect my chime via my android phone with no luck until I read your response. Tired it with my iPad and worked with no issue! Not sure why it didn’t work with my Android phone ( it is new) but that should had not made an difference I believe. Regardless thanks!

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Yes, I see a LOT of posters have figured it out, IT’S YOUR ANDROID PHONE! I have the Note 20 and it wouldn’t work.

SOLUTION: Use a different device to step up your Chime. After 3 frustrating hours, I used my Samsung Android Tablet and it set up the very first try!

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Wetty, that was the solve I needed for my Android phone!!! I was gonna ask my daughter to borrow her Apple iPhone and try those ‘fixes’ but your suggestion was the correct one. I also ensured my wifi did not have any special characters in the name (it was setup by default that way, so no changes needed)
Very frustrating as my earlier Chime (1st Gen) would never connect so I ordered the 2nd Gen (not the Pro version)
Now I have the Doorbell chime and Motion settings in place to use in my Man Cave. This will be helpful when someone is downstairs (family) who does not have the Ring App on a phone/watch to be notified when packages arrive and other


I thought so as well, Snappy but found out that when I followed the reco from Wetty I FINALLY GOT MY CHIME TO CONNECT to my Samsung Galaxy 9+
Using an Apple device may work as well, but I don’t have access to one so I am relieved that the Wetty suggestion put an end to wasting more time reading threads or trying Ring support

Absolutely the problem. The android app code is flawed and only with apples os will the app perform as expected. Literally 40 mins of fail with android and 2 mins downloading of ring app and installing chime. Ring has always been inept at creating a streamlined app.