Chime not connecting, can’t connect to suppport?


has does anyone else have the same problem?

Chime stopped working about a month ago, I have tried to reconnect in all different ways.

I cannnot get a hold of the RING Support… and no online CHAT…

Please help


Hey @MICKEY84. Our chat team is no longer able to do troubleshooting via chat, and you will need to call them at any of the numbers here for immediate assistance! Additionally, if you cannot get the chime to connect to your internet, you may need to make sure you have all ports and protocols opened that need to be open.

If adjustments to the router do not fix this concern, please try resetting the Chime by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds (on the side, if pinhole, press and hold a pin in there for 30 seconds) while plugged in. Once this is done, try to setup again! If the setup continues to fail, please make sure to give our support team a call!