Chime Loses WIFI After Update (First Gen)

I’ve had the First Gen Video Doorbell and Chime ‘kit’ from Costco for years just sitting in the closet.
Got the doorbell all done and the Chime set up goes well up until the firmware update.

The app finds the chime and will update the firmware but after it’s done the light flashes quickly. I have tried everything I am aware of but cannot get it to connect to WIFI post update.

I have latest ver of Ring app on iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Thanks for any help!

Also, I have both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. The Video Doorbell connected fine to the 5 and I just tried connecting the Chime to the 2.4 but same issue.

I read that WIFI pwd.'s with special characters may be the issue, which I have in my pwd, but a strong pwd should have special characters. There are many devices connected to the 2.4 so trying not to delete the special character or change the pwd.

I’ll keep trying…

And I have been resetting the Chime, deleting from app and adding it back and so forth.

One more thing, just trying to eliminate any questions from the equation, the chime is close to the router and plugged into a UPS so am certain the power and WIFI strength isn’t an issue

Nevermind, I called Tech and they are sending a new unit.

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Hi @Seafood. Glad to hear you got this all sorted out! :slightly_smiling_face: