Chime has no front blue light

My Chime device 1 with the antennas which has never worked stably is now acting more bizarre than usual. There is no front blue light but the device will go through set-up mode and the Ring App indicates it is connected. Needless to say it is not working. The non-antenna version has a light on, connects to the home network, but does not work either.

Having had umpteen hardware problems with Ring devices, starting with the first door device that was DOA, safe to say I am not a fan of Amazon’s latest low tech wonder. Since direct Ring support is as non-existent as Amazon’s can anyone say for sure both devices are, as expected, toast (being the poorly made crud they have proven to be from day one)?

I should add that the non Pro (non-antenna) Chime is the second unit I have purchased, this one seems to have failed after less than two years–that’s a testament to Ring build quality.

Mine has no front blue light but seems to finally connect to WiFi and Ring devices but hardly boosts signal. Does the blue light not lighting indicate defective unit. Is upgrade to new chime pro worth it? Thanks

I’m having this same problem. Did you find a solution?

No. No answer from anyone. May try contacting support.

When you try to contact support it leaves no options other than community for answers

Just spoke to support. Said the light going out is a common problem but if it is connecting it is working without the light.

Mine is not connecting. How did you contact support?

Call. 1-800-656-1918

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