Chime Gen 1 no longer working

We have the Chime Gen 1 and for about two or three months now it just slowly flashes blue but does not play the doorbell. I have tried reset. I have even tried to reinstall it and get this stupid message about it having another owner. Duh! All of this started after we upgraded our modem. I think it is very stupid that there is no easy fix for this. Tried chatting with a tech today and they said troubleshooting requires a phone call. This is awful customer service. All techs should be trained for all issues.

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The best next step is to try and reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this Help Center article. Try also resetting your Chime by holding in the setup button on it for 20 seconds.

If this does not allow your Chime to reconnect or complete a setup in the Ring app, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.