Chime devices need to play tones based on which doorbells is activated, and need the ability to create custom tones

Since at least as far back as 2019 (five years ago at the time of this post) customers have been requesting that Chime devices software needs to be able to play tones based on which doorbell is activated, and the ability to record custom tones.

To be clear, in any installation where multiple Chime devices and multiple doorbell devices are present, ALL Chime devices should be able to play a tone based on which doorbell is activated, and that tones play on all Chime devices, not just one.

To be further clear, “Custom Tones” users might create, for example would be, “Someone rang the front doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the back door doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the Garage side door doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the patio doorbell.” This would help to eliminate the need to memorize which tone is for which door, or for family or friends house sitting to be able to know which doorbell someone rang, without having to know or memorize specific tones in advance.

This is very basic software programming and most doorbell manufacturers do this already with their Chime type devices.

Ring - What the heck!
Many years later and you still have not taken care of this important feature?

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