Chime devices have low volume

I bought and had a Pro installed (plus garden camera/floodlight) but the chime box even at full volume is very low, it’s not audible from any other room, and even missable if there’s something going on like the TV.

I bought a chime 2 and installed that upstairs but it’s just as low. If you didn’t have a phone or the app installed on a PC, you’d miss the ring altogether.

Any suggestions on how to increase the internal chime boxes volume?

Hey @sevilla315. Just so I’m clear, do you have a Chime or Chime Pro, or are you referencing your internal chime kit in your home? In addition, is this a 1st Gen or 2nd Gen of either?

Hi Chelsea

It’s just a normal Chime (not pro with built in extender), plus the chime included in the Doorbell Pro kit.

I’m not 100% sure but as they were bought on Amazon less than 1 week ago I’d say 2nd gen.

BTW on closer inspection I did see some plastic covering the included chime (but not on the additional Chime) and they sound only medium loudness.


@sevilla315 Awesome, thanks for clarifying! Let’s see if we can turn it up in the Ring app so you can get the most out of the sound. If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Chime > Audio Settings > Chime Tones, and then you turn the volume up all the way and then hit Test Sound, it should play a louder tone if you had more room to move it up. Let me know if this is loud enough, but if it’s already maxed out, this is as loud as it will be at this time! I tested this on my own and found the max volume to be a bit louder than the middle or lower end, so I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Try using a pair of foam ear plugs (used for hearing protection), and then try to hear either the first or second gen. chime accessory. Maybe then you will understand. Plain and simple - if you truly want to have these devices work for older folks - they need to be louder. Thx.


Chimepro is in living room not far from front & back doors. Volume is set to max. I’ve selected the loudest alert choice in audio settings.
I cannot hear it ring if I am in bedrooms, especially if TV is on.
My house is not huge. My hearing is fine.
I expected the Chimepro to be much louder with volume set to max.
As is, it’s useless for me.