Chime audio far too loud

Have just installed Ring doorbell - and the audio volume on the doorbell is far too loud. It’s easily audible from 50m away. Surely there must be a fix to make it quieter? We have nearby neighbours and the whole neighbourhood will be disturbed if we use the feature.

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Hi @user23015. There is not a volume control for the speaker on the Doorbell when using two-way audio. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Other neighbors have requested this feature before, so feel free to add your comment and vote to the request below.


Not sure how old this original post is, but I’ve just installed a Ring 2nd Gen doorbell, (25/Nov/22) and tested it to realise the volume of the speaker in the doorbell can not be adjusted !! Apparently Ring are “looking into it” but obviously not done anything about it. How long do we have to wait, so that our neighbours don’t have to hear everything we say to doorway visitors?

Hi @user230155. I updated the previous reply to link to the correct feature request for the option to adjust the speaker volume when using two-way audio. I’d recommend adding your feedback and vote to that request, as we use the Feature Request board specifically to gather and share neighbor ideas and suggestions with our teams here. With that said, we don’t have updates to share on potential future feature updates or product releases.