Chime alerts when cams and DB snoozed

Why does my chime continue to alert even though I have snoozed the motion alerts on all of my other devices? I would think if you snooze motion on a device, it would not send a motion alert to the chime. Am I correct? What’s the fix for this issue?

Good question, @Daddyo58! When selecting the Motion or Global Snooze icon from your Ring app dashboard, this feature is used to snooze your Camera enabled devices. Your observation is correct that it does not snooze other, non-camera enabled, devices. For Chime owners, there is an additional snooze option called Chime Snooze. After Snoozing your Cameras from the main page, visit your Chime device page in the Ring app next. There you will see a Chime Snooze option that works much like your Motion Snooze feature. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: