Chime 2nd Generation - Blue Light Permanently on. (well kind of)


I have a 2nd Generation Chime and the blue light keeps coming back on.

I have set it to disabled in the app, but roughly 24 hours later the light is back on. (even tried to toggle it to on, then wait a day, then turn it off).
The chime unit has been reset, still comes back on after being turned off.
The chime has been de-activated and then added back to the account, but the light still comes back on after being set to disabled.

The device is connected to the Wi-Fi ok, no disconnects, power is on 24/7.
Chime works when doorbell is used.

anyone else experienced this and did you manage to resolve it. ?


Toggling the status light should have been enough for this to work as intended. Resetting, reconnecting, and re-adding your Chime was great to try, thank you for covering those steps.

Our Help Center article has some other great tips for troubleshooting the Chime / Chime Pro status and night lights, as well as what they could mean. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on the mobile device when adjusting these settings, and that the Ring app is up to date.

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I see the same behavior but can clear it by toggling the app status slider. The chime always comes up with the LED enabled. As I set the status to disabled, it is out of sync. Ring needs to set the chime to the app state.