Chime 2nd Gen Flashing red / green light

Installed ring doorbell and chime at the weekend. All appears fine both devices working. I do have a question about the indicator light on the new generation of chime as I can find nothing in the very limited user manual

plug the chime in I get blue flashing light that eventually turns to a solid blue light just like the advertising pictures. After a while however that solid blue light turns to a flashing green/red light and remains such until the chime is pulled out of the socket and put back into the socket

what does the flashing red/green light mean as the manual is of no use here?

chime rings if doorbell used, chime rings if test chime used from ring app, ring app healthcheck says device fine working ok, WiFi connected, rssi -33, firmware up to date etc so everything appears fine apart from the flashing red/green front light

Hey @Bandit. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Whenever the Chime 2nd Generation has a flashing green and red light that are alternating, it means that the wifi password that was put in during setup is incorrect. Although, if you have the device showing as online and reporting as you described in the Ring app, we may have to just establish this connection in order for it to stop flashing with this light pattern.

If you can, please go into the Ring App > Main Menu > Devices > Chime > Device Health > Change wifi network. This will take you through re-setting up the device, and putting in said wifi password for your home network when you get there. After completing these steps, if you see the red/green flashing light return, please complete delete/remove the device from your system, and then re-set up as you did before. For any reason that light pattern shows back up, even after re-setting up the device, please let me know! In addition, capturing a video of this evidence will be very helpful. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, when I set the chime up the first password entry was wrong (fat finger syndrome) so I had to re-enter it which was then successful and explains why everything was working, guess there is a slight bug in your firmware/software that makes it think the network password is incorrect if it is entered incorrectly the first time and re-entered.

on the solution below I followed as far as change WiFi network, reselected the same WiFi network and WAS NOT asked to enter the WiFi password it connected without needing the password. I will assume as it did have the correct password already it didn’t need it again and probably overwrote some incorrect password flag as part of this process to correct the issue

I’ve left it 48 hours before replying to monitor the results and am happy no more flashing green and red light I have a solid blue

many thanks for your advice on this

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@Bandit Awesome news! And big props to you for getting this figured out on your own accord. Nice job neighbor! :slight_smile:

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Can’t get it done already reset several times manually set the wifi. Now he does it for 2 or 3 hours and then he starts flashing red and green again. Wifi is good, health in the app.

I have the same issue, does anyone have a suggestion or solution? Any support would be appreciated! Cheers.


I had a similar problem! Multiple tries later, it works!

My one BIG complaint about Ring doorbell and chime? WHY do you make it that you have to scan every time you do a reset?! :slight_smile:

All the best

I have reset my chime a number of times even talked to help desk and we reset it again. But again after a few minutes it started flashing red green again. In chime health everything shown as up to date and working.
I am now fed up with it.

Hey neighbors! If Chelsea’s suggestions did not work to resolve the flashing red and green light on your Chime, please share a video of the light pattern you’re seeing so we can take a better look. When attaching this video, you will need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as ZIP files can be attached to your reply and not MP4s. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as Youtube, and then share the link to the video in your reply.

it is just red and then green. Sometimes it is only green that stays lit, and sometimes blue. The strange thing is that it just works and I can connect.

Last night I thought I would give it one more try. Switched it off and went to bed. At 2.30 in the morning it was flashing like mad lighting up all the hall. This morning it is a steady Blue, will see how it goes.
I had intended to take the video this morning and send it to you.

Same problem flashing green. Tried all suggestions and followed setup multiple times. Nothing fixes it. I mean all functions work fine EXCEPT the flashing.

Top customer care solution: tear off enough duct tape to apply over the flashing light.

Recommendation to Ring Corporate: include a die cut circle of duct tape in all systems and send me annual checks equaling 10% of your future savings on tech support.