Chime 2 won't connect to SKY Q wifi

Hi team

I have a Ring Doorbell 3 which is working fine.

I also have a Chime 2 which I am trying to connect/add to the doorbell

I follow the normal instructions after green light I flashing and connect to the chimes wifi network .

When it asks for a wifi network to connect to, I chose the same as the Doorbell and enter the wifi password

This is where the problem is, it must be trying to connect to the SKY Q hub WIFI but times out and I get a red light on the chime

I have tried this many times without any success and have tried to search for similar issues on the SKY Q wifi

I have tried enabling AND disabling UPNP on the router but without any success

In the house I am using Devlo Magic 2 power line adapters and have a bridge wifi network , but the Chime 2 is plugged in right next to the SKY Q hub not the wifi extender

Can I have some help on solving this issue please