Chat Problem

I tried using Ring chat to get the answer to a question. The person from Ring took a while to respond and the chat auto close warned that there had been no response for 4 minutes. When he finally responded I explained my issue and he again took a while to respond. I again received another warning that there had been no response for 4 minutes even though it had only been a minute or two since he had responded. He asked me a question and while I was typing my response the chat ended because it said that there had been no activity for ten minutes. Why does ring have a chat feature if it doesn’t work properly and why should it auto close if the user is waiting for a response from the Ring agent?

Sorry to hear about this - this is not the Ring experience we want you to have and ensure you our chat function properly works. Please give us a call at 800-656-1918 or ask your question here so we can further assist. Thanks!