Chat not working


The chat facility does not seem to work. Clicking on the Contact Support/Chat with us, chat now button does not start a chat but gives a help page on chat which says to do the above procedure.

I phoned up for another issue and asked about this and was told:

  1. It must be the browser. So I tried another browser, Chrome, Edge, Firefox all the same
  2. It must be because I was already in contact with support. I explained that this was not the case as I had tried before phoning up
  3. It must be the device, I explained that I had tried on several devices with the same result
  4. It must be rush hour and they are busy. I explained I had tried several times throughout the day, and was told…,
  5. that they had been having a rush hour all day, I explained I had tried on more than one day and had the same issue.

Looking at some past comments, it seems as though it may not be available in the UK? Was suspended due to Covid? Four years on, I would have expected this to have been resolved.

To be fair the call handler did ask to take any further queries I had, but asking with regard to the chat, I was being fobbed off with excuse after excuse, rather than admitting they did not know of a solution, or that there was an issue with it.

Not a great experience with chat. The phone call answered my ring door bell query, but completely failed on the chat issue giving a bad overall call experience.


I have just found the same issue, however it was working for me on 15 April 2024 as I had a support chat that I now want to follow up.

All very strange.

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Same here, they don’t care

I can’t use the chat or the phone support.
If I try the phone support, it doesn’t recognise when I press numbers.
If you want… press 1. I press 1 and nothing happens.
Can’t get through on chat or phone call so what am I supposed to do? Terrible customer service!

Hi Neighbors. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Please note, you may need to use a landline.